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Easy Grow vertically stackable growing pots are manufactured locally and

are used where space is a problem or where the maximisation of

yields is the target. They can be stacked up to 6 layers high

unsupported and up to 9 layers with supports.

The Easy Grow system conserves water as each layer is fed by

the water from the pot above resulting in lower production costs.

By having the growing pots stacked, access to the plants is easier,

more efficient and it takes less time to harvest. Your plants are

also protected from rodents and other leaf eating critters.

The grow pots can be moved easily resulting in the maximisation

of land usage and maximum yield. Easy Grow pots can also be used

as hanging pots where floor space is an issue.

Easy Grow also supplies soils, plants and irrigation systems that are

specifically designed for the Easy Grow system.

- Easy Grow system used for

  growing strawberries inside

  a tunnel. 200 Grow pots are

  equal to 1 regular tunnel

  worth of plants