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The Easy Grow Vertically Stackable Grow Pots are the most economic, durable

(safe polypropylene plastic), convenient (movable), cost-effective and practical

way to farm (and display) your own veggies, plants or succulents with the

least amount of space, effort, water and power and within the city limits.  

The Easy Grow Vertically Stackable Grow Pots are most suitable for city

gardens, farming in small areas as well as for commercial farmers, home

gardens, complexes, patios, offices and flats and are both practical and

pleasing to the eye.

Because the Easy Grow Vertically stackable grow pots are layers that fit

into each other giving it a tower effect, you can decide how high you would

like to stack them.  They are also easily transported as they take up very

little space.

By using the Easy Grow Vertically stackable grow pots, commercial farmers,

nurseries etc., can plant between eight to ten times more plants per acre which

in turn means a potential of producing more revenue per square foot.

One benefit of using these stackable grow pots are that problems usually

associated with planting i.e., weeding, mice, rats moles etc. are eliminated.

Further benefits include the saving of production/harvesting time as no crop

rotation is required, no heavy equipment is required and if you change location,

these grow pots are very easily transported to the new location without losing

your crops.  Should your plants require more or less sunlight, the grow pots

can be easily rotated.

The grow pots are very attractive and would be an excellent gift idea for those

who enjoy gardening and for physically disabled or elderly people who are limited

in their mobility. Suitable for old age homes and care facilities.

Irrigation and fertilization of your plants is a very quick and easy task.

Some of the most popular plants to grow in these grow pots are Strawberries, Herbs,

Alyssum, African Violets, Petunias and a wide variety of vegetables and succulents.

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