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To achieve the desired height, the Easy Grow Vertically Stackable Grow Pots

can be locked securely into place. Insert the 1 inch pegs which are on the

bottom of each unit into the holes provided on the top of the succeeding unit

during installation. The towers need to be pre-stacked before they are filled

with medium. This will ensure that the units return to their original shape

when moulded and once they have been filled with the planting mix, they will

be easier to re-stack.

In extremely windy regions, it is recommended that the towers be stabilized

by adding a galvanized pipe/conduit or a rebar that will fit inside a 40 mm

ID hole -  provision has been made through the center of each of the units

for this purpose.

We are able to assist you with fertilizer, growing mediums and irrigation.

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